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cs Language Films

  1. Isolation (2005) Box Art

    Isolation (2005)

    On a desolate farm in the Irish countryside, destitute Dan Reilly (John Lynch) -- in return for cold cash -- ... More

    6 Votes: 18

    Billy O'Brien (2) Billy O'Brien John Lynch Essie Davis

    01:45-03:35 Sun 26th Jan 2020 115m

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  2. Attack Force (2006) Box Art

    Attack Force (2006)

    The commander of a US strike force wiped out in a seemingly random attack resolves to find the killers. His ... More

    6 Votes: 46

    Steven Seagal Joe Halpin Michael Keusch Steven Seagal

    21:00-22:55 Sun 26th Jan 2020 120m
    Sony Movies Action

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