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Film Noir

  1. Crossfire (1947) Box Art

    Crossfire (1947)

    A homicide detective investigates the murder of a Jewish war veteran, becoming convinced the killer is one of a group ... More

    7 Votes: 192

    Edward Dmytryk Robert Young (1) Robert Mitchum Robert Ryan

    14:55-16:40 Tue 20th Aug 2019 86m

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  2. The Set-Up (1949) Box Art

    The Set-Up (1949)

    An ageing boxer prepares for a bout, ignoring his wife's pleas to quit. He discovers his manager has made a ... More

    6 Votes: 38

    Robert Wise Robert Ryan Audrey Totter George Tobias

    06:00-07:25 Fri 23rd Aug 2019 72m

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