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hu Language Films

  1. Severance (2006) Box Art

    Severance (2006)

    Awash in blood and black humor, director Christopher Smith's inventive horror flick follows a sales group -- employed by an ... More

    5 Votes: 18

    Christopher Smith Danny Dyer Laura Harris Tim McInnerny

    21:00-22:55 Mon 19th Aug 2019 90m
    Horror Channel

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  2. I Spy (2002) Box Art

    I Spy (2002)

    There's no love lost between undefeated middleweight fighter Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy) and CIA superstar Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) -- ... More

    2 Votes: 33

    Betty Thomas Eddie Murphy Owen Wilson Famke Janssen

    19:05-21:00 Thu 22nd Aug 2019 115m
    Sony Movie Channel

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  3. Code Of Honor (2016) Box Art

    Code Of Honor (2016)

    Steven Seagal stars as Colonel Robert Sikes, a one-man assault team, determined to rid his city of crime by taking ... More

    5 Votes: 149

    22:50-01:00 Fri 23rd Aug 2019 90m

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