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Randolph Scott

  1. Rage at Dawn (1955) Box Art

    Rage at Dawn (1955)

    In this handsome-looking but lethargic western, special agent Randolph Scott goes undercover to trap the Reno brothers, one of the ... More

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    Tim Whelan Randolph Scott Forrest Tucker Mala Powers

    16:55-18:45 Fri 19th Oct 2018 105m

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  1. Return of the Bad Men (1948) Box Art

    Return of the Bad Men (1948)

    A farmer takes in a female gunslinger after she is injured during a bank robbery, and tries to persuade her ... More

    3 Votes: 52

    Ray Enright Randolph Scott Robert Ryan Anne Jeffreys

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    13:05-14:55 Mon 8th Oct 2018 90m

  2. Trail Street (1947) Box Art

    Trail Street (1947)

    A town populated by arable farmers comes under constant attack by outlaws, who are secretly in the pay of conniving ... More

    3 Votes: 21

    Ray Enright Randolph Scott Robert Ryan Billy House

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    15:20-17:05 Sun 7th Oct 2018 84m

  3. Ten Wanted Men (1955) Box Art

    Ten Wanted Men (1955)

    A law-abiding Arizona rancher runs into trouble when he unwittingly makes an enemy of a neighbouring landowner, who resents him ... More

    4 Votes: 9

    H Bruce Humberstone Randolph Scott Jocelyn Brando Richard Boone

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    09:35-11:20 Sun 7th Oct 2018 77m

  4. Belle Starr (1941) Box Art

    Belle Starr (1941)

    1941. Western. Directed by Irvin Cummings. Starring Randolph Scott, Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. A Southern beauty, indignant her treatment ... More

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    Irving Cummings Randolph Scott Gene Tierney Dana Andrews

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    23:20-01:05 Thu 4th Oct 2018 90m
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  5. Ride Lonesome (1959) Box Art

    Ride Lonesome (1959)

    While transporting fugitive Billy John (James Best), bounty hunter Ben Brigade (Randolph Scott) stops at a way station, where two ... More

    5 Votes: 18

    Budd Boetticher Randolph Scott Karen Steele Pernell Roberts

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    11:00-12:30 Tue 25th Sep 2018 90m