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Richard Wattis

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  1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Box Art

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

    Dick Van Dyke stars as quirky inventor Caractacus Potts, whose magical flying car transports his family and lovely lady friend ... More

    6 Votes: 34

    Ken Hughes Dick Van Dyke Sally Ann Howes Lionel Jeffries

    Last On

    15:10-18:10 Sat 25th Dec 2021 165m

  2. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Box Art

    The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

    While vacationing in Morocco, American tourist Ben McKenna (James Stewart) learns of an assassination plot but can't turn to the ... More

    5 Votes: 56

    Charles Bennett Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart Doris Day

    Last On

    16:35-18:55 Wed 1st Dec 2021 115m

  3. Carry On Spying (1964) Box Art

    Carry On Spying (1964)

    (1964) Comedy. An undercover agent (Kenneth Williams) and his bumbling trainees (Bernard Cribbins, Charles Hawtrey and Barbara Windsor) are sent ... More

    6 Votes: 78

    Gerald Thomas Kenneth Williams Barbara Windsor Bernard Cribbins

    Last On

    16:55-18:40 Fri 12th Nov 2021 105m

  4. Time Of His Life (1955) Box Art

    Time Of His Life (1955)

    1956. Comedy. A released prisoner (Richard Hearne) goes home to embarrass his social climbing daughter. Starring Richard Wattis. More

    6 Votes: 6

    Leslie S. Hiscott Richard Hearne Ellen Pollock Richard Wattis

    Last On

    07:35-09:00 Fri 24th Sep 2021 90m
    Talking Pictures TV

  5. The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)

    Oscar Wilde's delicious, penetrating wit shines through in this 1952 film adaptation of his famous play. Skillfully directed by Anthony ... More

    6 Votes: 14

    Anthony Asquith Michael Redgrave Michael Denison Dorothy Tutin

    Last On

    16:10-18:00 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 90m
    Talking Pictures TV

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