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Kirk Douglas

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  1. The Heroes of Telemark (1965) Box Art

    The Heroes of Telemark (1965)

    In 1942, Norwegian resistance fighters discover that the Nazis are using a local factory to produce the heavy water required ... More

    4 Votes: 9

    Anthony Mann Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Ulla Jacobsson

    Last On

    15:55-18:05 Thu 23rd Dec 2021 125m

  2. Detective Story (1951) Box Art

    Detective Story (1951)

    This gritty drama follows 24 hours in the lives of detectives at a Manhattan police precinct, centering on bitter gumshoe ... More

    8 Votes: 4

    William Wyler Kirk Douglas Eleanor Parker William Bendix

    Last On

    14:55-17:00 Mon 22nd Nov 2021 125m

  3. Saturn 3 (1980) Box Art

    Saturn 3 (1980)

    Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain) changes direction here with a three-character sci-fi thriller set in the rings of Saturn. ... More

    4 Votes: 11

    Stanley Donen Farrah Fawcett Kirk Douglas Harvey Keitel

    Last On

    21:00-22:45 Sun 21st Nov 2021 85m
    Horror Channel

  4. Paths of Glory (1957) Box Art

    Paths of Glory (1957)

    Col. Dax leads a weary regiment of French army soldiers during World War I. When French generals order the regiment ... More

    7 Votes: 33

    Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas Ralph Meeker Adolphe Menjou

    Last On

    23:05-00:30 Thu 11th Nov 2021 110m

  5. The Vikings (1958) Box Art

    The Vikings (1958)

    One of the largest-grossing films of the 1950s, The Vikings is slam-bang action from start to finish, with Kirk Douglas ... More

    6 Votes: 40

    Richard Fleischer Tony Curtis Kirk Douglas Ernest Borgnine

    Last On

    14:00-15:50 Sat 30th Oct 2021 145m

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