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Wilderness (2006)

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00:45-02:35 Sun 2nd Sep 2018 115m
Horror Channel


Wilderness (2006) box art A bunch of violent young offenders go on a team-building exercise to a deserted island in director Michael J Bassett's brutal survival horror. But far from enjoying a holiday from their harsh regime, the group comes under sustained attack from a malevolent figure who is seeking vicious vengeance for a past crime. Bassett efficiently orchestrates the carnage - involving nasty dog attacks, decapitation and man-traps - within the film's obvious Lord of the Flies-meets-Deliverance parameters. But it's predictable stuff, with inane dialogue and the insurmountable problem that these borstal hard-nuts are such a hateful bunch that you won't care whether they live or die. With no room for sympathy or humour (aside from some overdone macho posturing), this soon degenerates into yet another slickly made, gory body-counter.