The Red Beret (1953)

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The Red Beret (1953) box art Alan Ladd was hot from Shane when he came to the UK to make this rip-roaring Second World War drama. Wags recall that a trench was dug at Shepperton for the action sequences, but the diminutive Ladd was too small to use it. However, the star does look cool in Technicolor, blue eyes blazing, and puts in an excellent performance as a guilt-racked American who joins the famous parachute battalion. He's well supported by British actors such as Leo Genn, Harry Andrews and Stanley Baker. An interesting note for film historians: this Warwick film was co-produced by "Cubby" Broccoli, co-written by Richard Maibaum and directed by Terence Young, the same team responsible for the first Bond movie, Dr No, nine years later.

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