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FearDotCom (2002)

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02:35-04:30 Thu 20th Dec 2018 120m
Horror Channel


FearDotCom (2002) box art Detective Stephen Dorff and public health inspector Natascha McElhone investigate a snuff torture website that brings death to all who log on in this nonsensical supernatural chiller. Montreal and Luxembourg stand in - unconvincingly - for New York in director William (House on Haunted Hill) Malone's Ring rip-off that has a monochromatic murkiness reminiscent of Se7en. Once an idea lifted from some other shocker has served its purpose (to provide nasty images, flat "thrills" or pointless chases), Malone throws it out, eroding what little internal logic at first existed. The real torture in this vengeful cyber-spirit saga comes from having to sit through such ugly trash. A boring bomb.