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Rowan Atkinson

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  1. Johnny English (2003) Box Art

    Johnny English (2003)

    There's a Frenchman after the crown jewels and the throne itself -- but not to worry, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) ... More

    6 Votes: 72

    Neal Purvis Robert Wade William Davies Peter Howitt

    Last On

    17:20-19:00 Sun 30th Dec 2018 110m

  2. Bean (1997) Box Art

    Bean (1997)

    This very enjoyable American outing for Rowan Atkinson's celebrated TV character sees the bumbling Bean jetting off to the States ... More

    5 Votes: 44

    Mel Smith Rowan Atkinson Peter MacNicol Pamela Reed

    Last On

    09:45-11:35 Sat 29th Dec 2018 105m

  3. Love Actually (2003) Box Art

    Love Actually (2003)

    Writer-director Richard Curtis's charming treatise on romance and relationships is an all-star ensemble comedy that tells 10 separate (but intertwining) ... More

    6 Votes: 107

    Richard Curtis Hugh Grant Colin Firth Keira Knightley

    Last On

    22:20-00:55 Wed 26th Dec 2018 165m

  4. The Witches (1989) Box Art

    The Witches (1989)

    A young boy named Luke (Jasen Fisher) and his grandmother (Mai Zetterling) go on vacation only to discover their hotel ... More

    5 Votes: 17

    Nicolas Roeg Anjelica Huston Mai Zetterling Bill Paterson

    Last On

    11:05-12:50 Wed 26th Dec 2018 120m

  5. Johnny English Reborn (2011) Box Art

    Johnny English Reborn (2011)

    (2011) Comedy sequel. Rowan Atkinson stars as the inept British secret agent, brought out of retirement to foil a plot ... More

    5 Votes: 51

    Oliver Parker Rowan Atkinson Gillian Anderson Rosamund Pike

    Last On

    15:35-17:40 Tue 25th Dec 2018 100m