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Maurice Denham

  1. Shout at the Devil (1976) Box Art

    Shout at the Devil (1976)

    Hard-drinking Irish American adventurer Col. Flynn O'Flynn (Lee Marvin) teams up with English poacher Sebastian Oldsmith (Roger Moore) to sink ... More

    5 Votes: 17

    Peter R Hunt Peter Hunt Lee Marvin Roger Moore

    21:00-23:35 Sun 24th Feb 2019 130m

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  1. The Night Caller (1965) Box Art

    The Night Caller (1965)

    1965. Sci-Fi directed by John Gilling and starring John Saxon, Maurice Denham and Patricia Haines. Aliens need to find mates ... More

    3 Votes: 9

    John Gilling John Saxon Maurice Denham Patricia Haines

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    12:20-14:00 Fri 8th Feb 2019 80m
    Talking Pictures TV

  2. Night of the Demon (1957) Box Art

    Night of the Demon (1957)

    (AKA: Curse of the Demon) 1957. Horror. Director: Jacques Tourneur. Stars Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins and Niall MacGinnis. A professor ... More

    7 Votes: 62

    Jacques Tourneur Dana Andrews Peggy Cummins Niall MacGinnis

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    00:50-02:50 Fri 1st Feb 2019 95m
    Talking Pictures TV

  3. 84 Charing Cross Road (1986) Box Art

    84 Charing Cross Road (1986)

    When feisty New York City writer Helene Hanff (Anne Bancroft) mails a note to a small London bookshop asking for ... More

    6 Votes: 7

    David Jones (3) David Jones Anne Bancroft Anthony Hopkins

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    14:25-16:00 Sat 12th Jan 2019 90m

  4. The Purple Plain (1954) Box Art

    The Purple Plain (1954)

    1954. War. Director: Robert Parrish. Stars Gregory Peck, Bernard Lee & Win Min Than. Canadian RAF pilot Forrester is a ... More

    4 Votes: 6

    Robert Parrish Gregory Peck Win Min Than Bernard Lee

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    21:00-23:00 Tue 8th Jan 2019 100m
    Talking Pictures TV

  5. Blanche Fury (1948) Box Art

    Blanche Fury (1948)

    Through her marriage to Laurence (Michael Gough), penniless but ambitious governess Blanche (Valerie Hobson) rises to become the mistress of ... More

    6 Votes: 4

    Marc Allégret Marc All�et Valerie Hobson Stewart Granger

    Last On

    10:55-12:55 Wed 2nd Jan 2019 100m
    Talking Pictures TV